Hello and welcome!

Hi Everyone!

I’d been thinking about this for a while, and finally decided to bite the bullet and do it…

I’m 24 (almost 25), married to an awesome guy (Hubby) and living in Queensland, Australia. I love sci-fi/fantasy (the whole genre – games, books, TV, movies), reading, crafty stuff, music, and cats. I will avoid putting TOO many pictures of my cat on here, but he is my fur-baby. So no promises there 🙂 And I love cooking – fair warning, my stuff doesn’t tend to look particularly attractive, but it tastes FANTASTIC (just a bit of shameless boasting, sorry).

I’m in my final year of my psychology degree, and aiming to start a science degree next year. I’m aiming for an MD (in the long-term), so the science degree is taking a step in that direction. Health and family issues have meant that my marks aren’t what I’d have liked them to be, so the science degree is going to be bolstering my GPA (and getting me back into the science thing, seeing as I haven’t touched it since high school!).

I’m re-evaluating my study and learning methods, as well as my health and fitness, and I’ll be sharing my journey as I go. I’ll also share my cooking and crafting adventures 🙂



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