Apps I Use – Evernote

I use Evernote for EVERYTHING. Quite literally.

I use it to take random notes of stuff I need to remember, or jotting down ideas. I use it for journalling. I use it for uni notes & assignments. It’s my recipe archive, and I use it for meal planning.

I discovered Evernote in 2012 when I switched to a Mac. I used to use OneNote on my PC, but at the time, this wasn’t available on Mac, so I looked for something else to use. I think OneNote is still fantastic, but after 2 years of the stream-lined look of Evernote, OneNote’s interface seems to ‘busy’. I love the fact that on OneNote you can pick colours for the notebooks, but I can spend HOURS (literally) setting up colour-coding if I’m left to my own devices, and therefore the lack of this in Evernote actually makes it more suitable for me.

So, how do I use it?

For Uni

I like to handwrite my lecture notes during class, and I also like to hand-write the notes I take from the required readings for each class. But after I’ve taken those notes, I type them into Evernote. This makes them easier to read, and I can search them easily if I need to find a particular topic or keyword.

I use it to collect all my information when I’m researching for assignments – I tend to have 3 pages for this by the time I’m ready to write the full assignment – I start with a page where I put down my topic, the sections/questions I need to cover in the assignment, & other important info (number of words, due date, special requirements). Then I have a second page where I take all my notes – I’ll put the reference for the article/book, followed by all the notes from that source. Finally, I have a third page where I put the notes into the order I’d like them in, in order to write the assignment.

For Journalling

I used to have a notebook that was my journal, but since I’ve started using AwesomeNote I put the entries in there instead. AwesomeNote then syncs with Evernote, so I can look at my journal from either app.

For Recipes & Meal Planning

I save recipes in Evernote, and tag them with various details about the meal (chicken/beef/pasta, cooking time, # serves, etc) so that I can sort through them easily. When I plan out meals for the month (monthly pay = monthly shopping = monthly meal planning) I search through based on what meat or other things are on special, and select recipes based on that. I have a notebook for meal plans, and link the items in my meal plan directly to my saved recipes in Evernote, so when I want it I just click on the name and the recipe comes up.



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