Apps I Use – AwesomeNote

This is the app I’ve landed on after using what feels like a GAZILLION different planner apps over the last 4 years. I only use it on my iPad (not phone) because I generally use my iPad like I would a paper planner – it is the same size, and is easy to write/type/view entries on.

One thing to note is that I still use iCal for inputting events etc as a general rule, because it is easier to input from that program than in AwesomeNote (from this point forward, referred to as A-Note). (I’ve sent them a suggestion to include a week calendar view in a future update, so we’ll see what happens there.)

I use A-Note in all the same ways I used to use my paper planner/diary. I always bought an A5 sized ‘day to a page’ diary, because that gave me plenty of room to write in everything each day – events, to-dos, quick notes, journal entries. This is why I really like this app – it enables me to put in my journal entries, view all my calendar events and to-dos, and also to filter those by calendar or to-do list.

I have separate calendars (for easy colour-coding) and separate to-do lists for everything – and in A-Note I’ve set it up so that I have a “Study” category (which shows me all my uni-related to-dos and calendar events), as well as several other categories for general to-dos, my journal entries, and other random bits and pieces. It also all syncs to Evernote, so I can easily access all my notes (including journal entries) from wherever.

The app I was using previously (before A-Note) was Calendars 5, which is fantastic if you just want to have your calendar and to-dos in the same place. I like the UI better on Calendars 5 than on A-Note (Calendars 5 looks much more like the iOS7 calendar, and I like the clean look), but A-Note has the additional functionality I was after. I may switch back to Calendars 5 at some point in the future, but it will depend on what I do with my journalling.


*EDIT* – I have switched back to Calendars 5 for the time being, as Notability suddenly got all glitchy on me for some reason (kept stuffing up my lists and stuff) and Day One was the “free app of the week” last week so I’ve been using that for my journalling. I think I now prefer this set-up, I haven’t deleted AwesomeNote off my iPad yet, but I think it will happen soon.


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