*cough sniffle sneeze*

So, officially have the winter sniffles that’s been doing the rounds :S

Lemsip and Vicks are my best friends currently, and I decided to stay home from uni today and rest up so I can be back tomorrow (tomorrow they’re giving us all the details of our assessments, where as today was a lecture each on group therapy and gambling – and they record the lectures).

So I’m sitting here in my PJs doing the readings, with a big mug of lemon & ginger tea. Mum’s house is FREEZING, so both me and the international student are hiding in our rooms, trying to keep warm… with limited success.

And someone down the street sounds like they’re using an industrial-sized ice crusher. No idea what it ACTUALLY is, but they’ve been at it almost constantly since 8am this morning…

*EDIT* Apparently the ice crusher noise is our dishwasher. I think I am concerned.


One thought on “*cough sniffle sneeze*

  1. eeek sounds like me. I have just come down with a nasty flu and are off on mid semester break from my studies and two weeks off work as it is now school holidays. I hope that you have received great results from your papers. I got one back today and passed so I am thrilled as that means I only have two papers to finish now… thats including my Research paper.. I look forward to hearing more from you soon. Best wishes and get well soon 🙂

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