Apps I Use – StudyBlue & Dropbox

So, I just lumped these two together because otherwise it would be a rather short post.

StudyBlue is an app/website I use for flashcards. I tend to use this only for subjects when I have a lot of terms that I need to learn pretty much by rote (it got a huge workout when I was doing my physiology and pharmacology units, but I don’t use it much otherwise). It’s much easier than making up crap-loads of paper cards (which I always manage to lose) and a lot easier to deal with on public transport etc. I like it best out of the various flashcard apps I’ve tried, but I’ve only tried free ones and they were overwhelmingly awful and difficult to use. Having the web interface on StudyBlue makes it easier to create the flashcards, and then you can view them anywhere. It also keeps stats of what you get right/wrong, and you can review just the ones you don’t know if you want to.

Dropbox for me is mainly just a USB stick that I can’t lose. I also use it for other activities where files need to be shared with a group of people as they are updated (for stage shows I’m involved in, and whenever I end up on a committee). I’ve had no problems with it, and it talks to a lot of the apps I use for other stuff (Notability backs up to it, I can open files from it in GoodReader, and an app I use for reading sheet music called ForScore also opens PDF files from there).

I am currently couch-ridden with the dreaded flu, so I’ll probably get this series finished this week 🙂 Only a few more to go!



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