Apps I Use – Reading

I didn’t originally get an iPad to use as an ebook reader – I got it to use in place of lugging around my laptop to uni (because the battery on my laptop at the time had a grand total of 1hr battery life. So it was basically a portable desktop computer). I actually didn’t see the point of e-readers, because ‘real’ books were so much better. Then iBooks was released, and EVERYTHING changed. I also scored a disc from a friend with a HUGE amount of ebooks on it, which was fantastic. My reading pleasure for the veritable EVER is taken care of! I use iBooks most of the time, I also have the Kindle app downloaded but only because I was looking for a book last year, and it wasn’t on the Apple store but it was available as an ebook on Amazon. But so far, that’s only the once, so I’m sticking with iBooks for now. I do prefer the feel and smell of ‘real’ books, but sadly ebooks are a HEAP cheaper, and don’t make me look like someone out of an episode of “Hoarders” (like seriously, I can’t enter a bookshop without walking out with at least 2 books. So now I just avoid going near bookshops altogether).

I got an email from my local library last year, saying that they had started using OverDrive for loaning ebooks and audiobooks. So I downloaded the app, and I use that a bit to borrow books. Mainly for when I can’t physically get to the library, or if I want to borrow an audiobook. They don’t have a huge range on there yet, but they seem to be adding a few new books every day, so it’s only going to get better! Currently there’s an overwhelming quantity of Mills&Boon style novels :S

I also use Newsstand, because once again, CHEAPER. Example: in Australia, a copy of Scientific American or National Geo from the newsagent will usually cost about $12-15, but on Newsstand they cost about $6 an issue. Even the Aussie mags are a couple of dollars cheaper than the paper versions. And once again, it stops my house looking like an episode of Hoarders – I recently got rid of 6 years worth of food mags by scanning the recipes I wanted to keep and chucking them all out. Now I get them electronically instead, so no more piles of magazines everywhere 🙂

I have also used the Pearson and Wiley apps at different points through my degree, when my textbooks have had the electronic extras, as this has meant that some of my biggest & heaviest textbooks have been available on my iPad instead (which saved me a heap in chiropractor bills haha). I really wish more of my textbooks were available electronically, but that’s probably not going to happen for a while yet.



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