Apps I Use – Other stuff

So, now we’re onto the random stuff that doesn’t really fit with anything else.

I use MyFitnessPal to track what I’m eating, less for the tracking calories thing and more for the “oh if I have to write this down and everyone can see it, do I really want to eat it” sort of thing. I also have a FitBit (app is only on my phone), and the two apps talk to each other (via internet accounts) so I can see how active I’ve been and how well I’m sleeping. I use them to track when I might be heading for a run of ‘bad days’ with my Chronic Fatigue, and also to track what foods/activities make me worse.

I love Pandora. I’ve got a whole heap of different radio stations for different stuff, most of which are variations on the “study music” theme, with a couple of yoga/workout stations and some other random ones. It’s free if you’re happy to put up with the ads, there isn’t heaps but I found them distracting when I was studying, so I decided the paid subscription was worth it.

I have recently started using DayOne for journalling, as it was the “app of the week” a few weeks ago and therefore FREE 🙂 I quite like the interface, and as a result of this nice app (combined with AwesomeNote becoming a little glitchy), I’ve switched back to using Calendars 5 for my planner app with DayOne as my journal now. AwesomeNote was pretty good, and I liked how it had the planner and the journal in one app, but it started having major issues with talking to Reminders, so my to-do items ended up all over the place (and some completely missing). I had been using AwesomeNote issue-free for almost a year, when suddenly (about 3mths ago) it started doing weird things with my calendar and to-do items. I finally got the shits with it when it completely deleted and entire list from itself, without removing it from Reminders, and then wouldn’t add it back. Final decision – I actually prefer the look and functionality of Calendars 5 (regarding calendar & to-do list management) and I think I’ll be sticking with it from here on. DayOne backs up to iCloud or Dropbox (you can choose) and loads into the app if you have it on other devices.



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