So, it’s my birthday on Tuesday. I’ll officially be a quarter of a century old…

And the day is seriously going to suck.

I have an exam at 9am. And Hubby has just been told that he’s going to be interstate for work from Monday until Wednesday.

So now, that’s 2 celebrations that his work has rudely deprived us of – our wedding anniversary AND my birthday. And because of how his work does ‘travel’, we have to fork out for everything and get reimbursed. But they only do the reimbursement (word? no idea) once a month, at the END of the month, when they process pays. So we can’t even go out sometime when he ISN’T away, because we don’t have the spare money.

And then he’s going to be interstate for 2 whole weeks across the end of this month/start of next month. He’s practically working FIFO! I like my ‘alone time’ and all, but this is just nuts!