Happy birthday to me…

I am now a quarter of a century old.
And my birthday really didn’t start well.
It takes 45mins to drive to uni during peak hour. So I left home at 7:50 to give myself plenty of time to get there and park, & get to my exam early. It ended up taking me 1 1/2 hrs to get to uni, which meant I was half an hour late for my exam. When I got to uni, the stacker carpark was full, and the security guy said “try the oval park”. Also full. I ended up parked on the opposite side of the uni to where my exam was happening.
After my exam, I went to my Mum’s place to make a cake (it was bot our birthdays this week). The white chocolate wouldn’t melt – then, it burned in the microwave. So i had to chuck that out. Which meant starting that part all over again, which made me late for coffee with my sister. So Mum offered to finish decorating the cake for me. I figured that would be great, since she’s been making cakes for me and my sister since pretty much ever… Turns out, she’s never used ganache icing. Or made a double-layer cake. So, the cake ended up a bit of a gooey mess – still tasted fantastic, but it didn’t look like the fantastic cake I’d planned to make.
And now, after getting coughed all over by a kid when I FINALLY got to coffee with my sister – I have a sore throat.
And Hubby is still away until tonight.
I want a hug 😦

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