Study Jam!

I love ‘natural silence’ (like wind-in-the-trees, birds, rain, white noise) when I’m just chilling out (right now, the only sound other than me typing is some white noise from my little fan heater), but when I’m studying I really need something with a bit of a beat to keep me going – otherwise I zen-out and suddenly realise I’ve spent 20mins staring at my book thinking about anything BUT studying.

So I’ve got a few different Pandora stations that I use, depending on how I feel that day.

Carmelldansen Radio – upbeat, this is the station I referred to in this post. Great for days when I need a little extra motivation. Also a great station for when I’m cleaning the house. This one has lyrics for a lot of the songs, so it may not be great for you if you find lyrics distracting (though they are mainly languages other than english).

Electronic for Studying Radio – great for days when I just need a bit of a boost. No lyrics (or at least, not that I’ve noticed at any point).

Assassins Creed Radio – good background music. Just the right mix of zen and upbeat for days when I’m pretty motivated already and just need a little something in the background. Mostly lyric-free.



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