Long day…

So, I think it’s going to be a long day.

Hubby hasn’t left for his work trip yet, because of a snafu at work. And because of this snafu, we don’t actually know when he’ll be leaving – or how long he’ll be gone for. He might could be away for as much as a month when he eventually leaves, but we’re not actually going to know until he is already gone.

I have an assignment due on Monday, and then a second one due the following week. I’m making reasonable progress on the first one, but I’ve barely even started the second one. I’m still a couple of weeks behind on my Maths & Chemistry bridging courses, so I’ve got to get down and get going on those – but not until I’ve done my assignments.

I’m feeling fairly motivated to get it all done, but I definitely need more coffee first. COFFFFEEEEEEE….