Procrastination and deep thoughts…

So, apparently you choose your favourite characters because they remind you of yourself…

And I’m trying to decide whether I should be concerned about my choices…

Maybe the more interesting thing about this is that I don’t really have that many that I’d call ‘favourites’ – mostly, I’m equally OK with all the characters (or mildly dislike them. I don’t think I’ve come across a character I absolutely hate yet).

The list?

  • Donna (Doctor Who) – though Clara is quickly closing in
  • Hermione & Luna
  • Daenerys (ASOIAF)
  • Nynaeve (Wheel of Time)
  • Kaylee (Firefly)
  • Sam (Stargate SG-1)
  • Kate (NCIS) – Ziva is OK, but I liked Kate better
  • Largo & Erika (MegaTokyo – read webcomic here) – both as a couple and as individual characters
  • Sheldon (Big Bang Theory)

There aren’t many male characters on this list – mainly because if I really think about why I like a male character, it tends to be because I think he’s reasonably attractive and if I were single and someone with that kind of personality turned up, I’d date him… Which really seems to put them in a very different category lol… And the ones who don’t fit in that category, I like a particular female character better anyway.

Some of them, I know why I like them. Most though, I really don’t know.

Hermione – I think I like her because this is what I was like when I first read the books, and I really wish I could get back to that sometimes. Luna is just awesome, end of story. Weird is cool.

Largo – I like him as a character for comic relief. I started reading this way back in high school, and as much as I wouldn’t really have originally put him into the category that most of the male characters I “like” go into, he possibly belongs there anyway… Because Hubby is a redhead with a talent for blowing things up and a liking (and talent) for all things technological. I couldn’t really say what draws me to Erika… But I think that’s one I’d rather not think about…

Sheldon – People are not his thing. And I totally get that.

Nynaeve – I have an explosive temper and little patience for idiots or time wasters. Also, I want to study medicine – even though I’m a little older going into the training than most people. The most interesting thing? I first read this in high school, when I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do with my life (and hadn’t even CONSIDERED medicine as a career) – and Nynaeve was always my favourite character.

The rest, I think it just comes down to “strong, smart, determined women” – though I’m not sure if this is something I actually AM, or just what I want to be…

And now I REALLY should get back to doing my assignments…