I have come to the conclusion…

… that e-books have just made buying books way too easy. Which is a bad thing, when I have about 4GB of UNREAD books sitting on my iPad already. And I want MORE.

I’m as bad on the Kindle and Apple book stores as I am in REAL book stores – I poke around all over the place, adding books to my wish list. Most of which I manage to remind myself I don’t need RIGHT AT THIS POINT, seeing as I have WAY too many books already to read, and I don’t really have that much time for recreational reading (except for summer time, when I don’t have uni and it’s just too bloody hot to do anything else). And while ebooks are cheaper than paper books, they can still cost a fair bit.

At least I have some restraint – or all our food budget would be going on books :S

Amazingly, I have more restraint online than I do in a real book shop – I guess because as a general rule, if I add something to my wish list, it’s going to be there when I come back for it (whenever that is). But in a real book shop, sometimes you’ll find a book that you’d like, and because you might not ever find it again, you buy it.

You know you’re a bookaholic when Hubby says (without even thinking about it) “No we’re not going in there” every time we walk past a book shop.



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