Pretty sparkles


I had a K-Mart voucher that I got for my birthday – so I went and got some pretty nail polish to celebrate getting my assignments finished. I did 2 coats of grey on all but my ring fingers, then put 1 coat of glitter over the grey. Ring fingers just have 2 coats of glitter.

I also bought this GORGEOUS pair of mint green shorts – I am considering whether I wear them for uni tomorrow, seeing as I’ll have to shave my legs for that and I’m at my Mum’s house this week, and I forgot my razor… First world problems :S

I am kicking myself for not bringing my OTHER K-Mart voucher with me though, because the shorts also came in apricot, khaki, and black, and I want them all! I need new shorts anyway, all my old ones have either fallen apart or don’t fit me any more.

I will be going back to get them (even though the closest K-Mart to my house is 1/2 hr dive away), they are EXACTLY what I like in a pair of shorts – not too short or long, decent weight of fabric (but not denim-heavy, which is WAAAAY too hot for our summers) and not too tight 🙂 I am fussy about my shorts.





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