Remembering to write…

It has become very clear that I generally only remember to blog when I’m sitting on my computer all day – otherwise, I just forget!
Case in point – I queued up posts over Monday/Tuesday this week, and haven’t written anything since, because I’ve been doing non-computer uni work. Or just no uni work at all over the last 2 days.
We’ve got our rental inspection on Tuesday, so I’ve been getting the house sorted out (or attemptiong to anyway). Our old property manager was cool, she didnt really care about the fact that the best way to describe my house for most of the year would be “organised chaos”, as long as it was clean. The new one is different. She seems to be under the impression that clean isn’t sufficient – it needs to be “uncluttered” as well. We failed our last inspection because the house was “too cluttered”. Seriously? What does that even MEAN?
I would take a guess that she’s not had a lot of life experience – she’s probably younger than I am, and clearly has never had to deal with keeping a large 3 bedroom house clean on your own, while studying full-time and dealing with health problems. Hubby’s work hasn’t been helping either, seeing as last time, he had been away for 2 weeks before our inspection and didnt get back til the day after (and I was in the middle of exams, so clean house? No chance), and this time he only got back late on Friday night. And because he’s worked the last 3 weeks straight (no weekends) he’s trying to catch up on sleep. So I can’t really do anything noisy until he wakes up.
In other news, my MIL tripped down some stairs and has broken her wrist, needing to get 2 plates put in. She doesn’t do things by halves. A few years ago, she managed to completely shatter her kneecap by falling over on iceskates. But the most *fantastic* thing about this is that we didn’t even find out anything had happened until after she was out of surgery – and the surgery happened 3 days after she broke it. I love how our family communicates so well! It probably went up on facebook, but seeing as I’m not using facebook during term-time, I missed all that.
I had really better get back to cleaning.


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