The Lonely Sock Phenomenon and other laundry woes

I go out of my way to ensure that when I put my socks INTO the washing machine, there are pairs. I do not put lonely socks into the machine until I have found their friend.
And still this happens!
Clearly, there is something in the laundry process that eats socks. I can’t find the other half of this pair anywhere in the laundry!
Hubby’s socks are another matter entirely – I’ve given up trying to pair them before they go into the wash, because I’m lucky if a pair is even in the same place! I find dead socks EVERYWHERE. I’m not really sure how they end up so widely spread when he follows the exact same routine when he gets home everyday – in the front door, sit on the couch, boots & socks off. He also seems to be unable to maintain a single ‘dirty clothes location’. There’s usually some in the bathroom, some in the bedroom, and often some in the laundry too. UGH. How come I can manage to put all my clothes in the basket in the bedroom, and he can’t? (The other locations don’t have baskets, and are just piles on the floor)
I told him that if he wants me to wash things, he has to put them in the basket or I won’t do them. Which didn’t have quite the desired effect – he now just does his own washing of the other piles. Which is great and all, but I’d have preferred him to just use the stupid basket :S


2 thoughts on “The Lonely Sock Phenomenon and other laundry woes

  1. Ha, this is totally what happens at our house. I have a pile of unmatched socks…about once a month, I plop the kids down in front of a movie and we sort them. I’m always afraid to throw repeat offenders away, because eventually the matches seem to appear out of nowhere.

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