Hello (again)

I’m doing this Blogging 101 thing, and the first assignment is an “about me” post of sorts.
The basic intro to me is on my About Me page, so I’ll explain why I started blogging instead.
I started on Tumblr, and then after several months of reblogging stuff interspersed with some original posts I decided that it would be better to have a separate blog for my original stuff.
They say the best way to learn something is to teach it, so hopefully in the process of writing posts about studying etc I’ll work out how to do better at it myself!
Also, I sometimes find it difficult to connect with people in person and this is a way I can express myself without things coming out all wrong.
The anonymity is great too, as I can talk about things a little more freely than I would be comfortable with if people knew who I was.
The level of anonymity may change as I go, depending what happens in “real life”, but this level works for me at the moment.

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