New shoes :)


new shoes and a kitty…

Pretty new converse! Yay for spottiness 🙂 Jacket is in the pic because he kept sniffing them and giving me funny looks – I don’t think he liked the smell of them much…

My old ones (red and white spotty high-tops) are about to fall apart, the canvas on the sides is coming apart and I’ve glued the soles back together several times. And they leak – if I wear them when it rains, the water comes in through the sole (squelch squelch squelch – not fun for walking around at Uni). I’ll wear the old ones for camping and stuff until they finally die, but these pretty new ones are for Uni etc.

I’m so happy I was able to get these! I saw them online a few months ago, but I don’t like to buy shoes online because my feet are small but quite wide (quack quack duck feet), so I really need to try shoes on to be sure that I’ll be able to wear them. I got the chance to get to the Converse store yesterday, and I honestly didn’t think they would be there… BUT THEY WERE, and they were on clearance, and on top of that, the store had a further 20% off! So these were less than half-price, I am so so so happy 🙂

Now I’ve just got to break them in…


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