Jacket is attempting to learn Chemistry by osmosis… if only it was that easy :S

But I went for a 6km walk around my neighbourhood and I feel better now. So back to the homework.

It might have to wait until after I’ve done the dishes though, they’re starting to annoy me. And I need to chop up the chicken that I defrosted for dinner on Friday and feed it to the cat (because it’s no good for humans now). And work out what I’m going to eat for dinner. And chuck out the containers of curried sausages in the fridge, because they’re from Thursday. Also no good for humans now. OOOOH that’s right I have sausages! I’ll make bangers and mash for tea! Om nom nom…

Yes that is actually how my brain works (in fact, that was a reasonably well-connected thought progression, they’re generally much less organised). I think I also need another cup of tea.




I wish homework was this easy

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