Outlander annoyances…

Just watched the first episode of “Outlander” and I think I am a little annoyed.
The actors playing the characters are too old! Claire is supposed to be in her mid-20s (I seem to remember her turning 26 not long after she goes through the stones, in the book) and Jamie is supposed to be like 22!
Meanwhile, both actors are 34. Essentially 10 years too old.
Frank is also too old, but I can’t remember exactly how old he was supposed to be – 29-30ish I think… And the actor is 40. 10 years out again :S
I hate it when they do things like this :S
Though I do commend them on getting actors who look like how I imagined the characters! I just imagined them looking younger :S
Not going to stop me watching the series though – majority of the actors with scottish accents? I’m sold 🙂
Just a slight weakness of mine there…

P.S. It is an exercise in extreme self control not to go and buy the $40 season pass. I WANT TO WATCH MORE!!!! I have instead paid $7 for the ebook, hopefully that will tide me over until pay day… MUST WATCH MORE TV WITH SEXY SCOTTISH ACCENTS.

I think I live in the wrong country. The dearth of scottish accents is very disappointing.


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