Sociable times

Just got home from a combined birthday party for my sister and her husband (S) (their birthdays are 2 weeks apart, so 1 party was easier for everyone).

I lasted 2 hours once everyone arrived, which is pretty good for me, seeing as S’s family is quite large, and rather boisterous… And I don’t do noisy crowded parties. I arrived an hour early so I could help my sister set everything up, and get in a bit of interaction time with her and S before everybody else arrived.

I was also out until 3am last night, working on a race car on the other side of town – HEHEHE oooh we got the V10, 7L engine going and GOOD LORD it sounds awesome 🙂 I can’t wait to see it race next weekend! The other car has only just had its roll cage finished, so I can only hope they’re going to be able to get it finished in time :S I ended up consuming 2 coffees and 2 cans of V in the space of 24hrs, and I think I was still pinging when I got up this morning at 7 lol…

For some weird reason, working in an extremely noisy workshop with 6 other people for 7+ hours is waaaaaaay easier than spending 2 hours at a party. I’m not really going to complain though, and I don’t think Hubby will either – he’s not big on parties himself, but he is a petrol-head. I guess I am too when it comes down to it…

I think it will be an early night for me tonight, unless Hubby wants to go over and work on the car – in other news, he’s getting home from his work trip this afternoon 🙂 YAY and hopefully they don’t send him away again for a little while. Fingers crossed anyway.

I am getting dangerously close to having a social life at this rate! It’s going to all be over after next weekend though, the cars basically get left alone until a month before the next race weekend. Hopefully the weather is nice, as much as it’s nice to play in the mud with the cars, I’d like to at least stay reasonably dry haha. It’ll be a good weekend either way though.


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