Hey everyone
I just finished one exam, and my last one for this semester is on Saturday morning. This is all I will be posting until Sunday, when the normal schedule will resume.
Good luck to anyone else who is also being dragged through the Seventh Circle of Hell (otherwise known as “Exam Block” or “Finals Week”).

The Next Step

I’m considering how I’m going to proceed with Uni for next year, and there’s a few different options.
Either way, I have 1 unit left to complete for my Psych degree, and I’m going to do that first semester next year. I will also be completing my Chemistry and Maths bridging courses over Christmas.

From there, my other options are:
Option 1
Just do the 1 unit in first semester, then apply to start a Science degree in second semester (at some uni). The downside to this is that I may end up with another degree that is almost useless without further study, and I may not have a lot of job options at the end.
Option 2
Start a Nursing degree first semester next year, at the same time as finishing the 1 leftover unit. First semester would be nuts, but I will be able to get a job at the end, whether or not I manage to get into medicine. I’ll also have several options that would put me in a similar area to where I want to end up – I could go into psychiatric nursing, some other mental health area, or even become a Nurse Practitioner.

I am leaning more towards option 2, because it minimises the amount of time that I’ll be waiting to move on towards my final position. It also means my “fall back” plan is very close to what my initial idea is.
The only issue with Option 2 is that I am facing a very interesting choice. I do not want to return to my current university for another degree. They have not treated me well AT ALL, and the student support people have been useless. (The only person who has been any help at all is the enrolments guy for the School of Health – he’s been great.) BUT, the university I currently attend offers a Graduate Entry nursing degree – so it would only take me 2 years to finish it, instead of 3. No other universities have advertised that they do this.
Further research is needed, but in the long run I don’t think 1 year makes all that much difference. Particularly if it saves my sanity.
Decisions decisions…

Outlander obsessions…

I am distinctly annoyed that I will have to wait until APRIL NEXT YEAR to get any more new Outlander episodes.

APRIL. That’s 6 months away!

I hate these split seasons. I hated it when they did it for Dr Who, and I hate it for this. Why can’t they just do a full season run?

Also, because the last of the episodes won’t finish airing until June-ish, I won’t be able to get the soundtrack until then either. GRRRRR.

I have spent this week trying to put together a Spotify playlist that is somewhat Outlander-music-like. With mixed success. I wanted to just do a Pandora station, but it seems the Music Genome Project hasn’t gotten as far as Scottish/Irish traditional instrumental music – it’s only covered the folk & pop aspects (i.e. everything with words. I want INSTRUMENTAL music goddammit!).

However, I did have a bit of fun taking a break from study and watching the episodes while reading Bear McCreary’s analysis and descriptions of aspects of the soundtrack. It’s always interesting to see what the composer is thinking of when they put the music behind the show. That’s the music nerd in me coming out 🙂

Now, I should really get back to studying for my exams.


My To-Do List for the holidays

I have a list of things I’d like to do over the xmas holidays… and seeing as I have an entire 4 months to fill, I’ll be making the most of it (my exams are all over by day 3 of exam block, therefore giving me an extra 3 weeks of holidays). This list is in no particular order – I’ll do things in whatever order I feel like doing them in. Some of these are things that I sort of HAVE to get done, and others are just guilty pleasures that I avoid during semester.

  • Watch seasons 2-4 of Game of Thrones
  • Make this jumper
  • Move house (starting with FINDING a new place)
  • Finish my Chemistry and Maths bridging courses
  • Make my sister’s graduation present (see the post if you have some ideas for me!)
  • Not die from the heat
  • Read the Game of Thrones books
  • Do some productive crafting (mainly xmas presents)
  • Find a new handbag that fits all my “handbag” requirements
  • Read at least 5 other books on my “to read” list
  • Decide what to do with my inherited yarn stash (I’m using some for making xmas presents, but I’m still going to have a lot left)
  • Watch Gilmore Girls (because somehow, I’ve managed to get through 25 years without ever watching a single episode)
  • Finish Dragon Age: Origins
  • Finish Oblivion
  • Find some new games for next year
  • Sort out BootCamp on my Mac (this is directly related to the gaming thing)
  • Sort out and write posts for some of my blog ideas


Curried Sausages

Hubby loves this recipe, it’s one of his absolute favourites! Once again, don’t have a picture because I forgot to take one before packing it all away.

It’s really easy to make a larger batch of, if you are feeding a large number of people or want to freeze a whole heap of food.

Here is the link for the recipe, and here are my changes/things I normally do:

  • We don’t do spicy food in our house (at all. EVER) so I halve the amount of curry powder the recipe specifies. This will not be necessary for most normal people – to give you an idea, I find medium salsa too spicy.
  • I always do this with rice, because it’s really easy to put together for freezing. Cook the rice up, and rather than just dolloping the curried sausages on top, I mix the cooked rice through the sauce before serving. That way, there’s always enough sauce for the rice and vice-versa. Also makes it super easy to portion out for freezing. If you’re doing a double batch, I’d recommend getting a very large pot or bowl and mixing the rice and sausages together in that (saves having to clean curry of the stove top when it overflows the pan you cooked in. Learn from my mistake haha).
  • Any frozen veges go well in this recipe – and if you’re trying to flesh it out without using more sausages, any frozen veges will do. I often get one of those variety bags (with carrot, potato, beans, corn, etc) and mix in a liberal amount.



I’m an introvert. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t like people, or that I’m shy, or socially awkward (though social awkwardness is sometimes a thing, particularly if I’m getting tired or having CFS problems). It just means I recharge my batteries by being alone, rather than having lots of people around. I act like an extrovert when I’m out and about, and at work, but this means that I don’t tend to make friends who last beyond that semester/job/situation. Occasionally I’ll meet someone who I hit it off with, but it doesn’t happen often. So many people misunderstand my preference for a movie night at home over a big party to mean I’m snobby and not interested in being friends – I’m not snobby, I do want to be your friend, I just find parties difficult. How about we catch up for coffee instead?

If you’re interested in the differences between introverts and extroverts, a good place to start is Susan Cain’s “Quiet” (that’s the link to the website, but definitely read her book as well). She’s also done a TEDTalk which is a good watch. The website has a lot of good links for further reading as well. If you’re going to google it, take anything you read with considerable thought (Google is not Omnipotent – as shown here). And this comic by heyluchie is a great starting point.