E is for Engines

I am a petrol head. And proud of it 🙂

Where most people grow up with soccer, football, or cricket, I grew up with motorsports.

If it didn’t have 4 wheels and an engine, it wasn’t real sport, and the TV was not turned on for it.

I grew up watching various incarnations almost every weekend – WRC, F1s, V8s, you name it. My godfather is a guy that used to race with Dad, and now makes a living photographing races. This meant a lot of free tickets for us to races, which was absolutely fantastic!

I am now involved in an amateur racing set-up, and it’s awesome. Hearing an engine roar to life (particularly one like the v10 we were playing with the other night) is absolutely fantastic, and even better if you’ve had a hand in getting it running!

I know my way around an engine well enough to offer suggestions as to what may be wrong with something, and what needs to be done to sort out particular problems – I’m not much good when it comes to actually physically DOING the things though, I just don’t have the brute strength that is often required. I am very good at wiring however – tiny hands and fingers, combined with being short enough to comfortably climb under a dashboard lend themselves to the finer business of wiring looms 🙂

And this weekend WE ARE RACING THE THINGS 🙂 YAY I’m hoping I get to do at least 2 races in ‘my car’ (we have 2, one that is essentially small-person-sized and one that is more comfortable for people over 5’6″ – guess which one is ‘mine’ haha), maybe 3 if it doesn’t break again… We’ve recently had to replace the entire gearbox and clutch assembly, which was a much more difficult job that it really had to be, seeing as apparently it is a rather uncommon (and old) make of vehicle, which most wreckers haven’t even HEARD of, let alone seen. 4 gearboxes later, we finally found the right one (the previous 3 were from the same SORT of car, but several years newer  – and the newer cars apparently had significantly longer chassis. The first few were several inches too long to fit where the old one had been!). I can’t wait to run it with a properly working gearbox, it’s going to run so well!