Bad idea…

The huge amount of walking I did over the weekend seemed a good idea at the time, and I felt pretty good while I was there. I was getting pretty tired by the time we got to Monday, and I had a cracker of a headache and quite a lot of muscle and joint aches… but I put the headache down to possible dehydration, and the tiredness and muscle/joint pain down to sleeping on an airbed that went flat on Sunday night.

I drank 4L of water over the space of the day, took some painkillers, and kept on with it.

I’m thinking that was probably a less than intelligent idea.

I am now exhausted, the muscle aches are still there and I can’t think straight. I have a presentation that is due tomorrow, and I just can’t concentrate well enough to finish the research to complete it.

I feel like an idiot for not realising what the symptoms actually were. For being optimistic enough to think that I might actually have been getting better, that MAYBE I wasn’t going to be dealing with this for the rest of my life. Because I’d been doing pretty well for a while there – I was thinking well, I was getting my uni work done, I was able to keep up with the housework, I was sleeping well. I didn’t feel foggy, I wasn’t feeling tired during the day. I WAS FUNCTIONING LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.

It’s taken me 2 hours to write this, because I keep zoning out. I think I’ll try to sleep again, then have another go at my assignment.



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