Beef & Barley Soup

This is the beef soup I made the other day. I haven’t got a picture of my attempt, because I forgot to take one before I froze it all.

Head over to The Organised Housewife for the full recipe (give credit where credit is due!), but I did make one change – instead of swede, I added some extra celery and a cup of dried mixed beans.

Hubby gave this one a 5 star rating, which I’m surprised about – he’s been pretty much sworn off watery soups for the last 5 years, but it seems that he’s coming around to being able to eat them again. As long as there’s meat in them, and it’s not all we’re eating.

(We ate almost nothing but slow-cooker soups for the better part of 6 months back at the start of 2010 when Hubby lost his job, because we honestly had no money. I was working 2 jobs as well as studying full-time, and my pay barely covered the rent and other bills, never mind food! I was feeding us on less than $30 a week. I hope I never have to do it again.)



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