Need Ideas!

Hi everyone!

I need some help.

My sister is graduating as a primary school teacher at the end of this year, and I want to make her a “teacher survival package”.

But I’m not sure what else to put in it.

So far, this is what I’ve got (ideas wise – I haven’t bought or made anything yet, I’ll be doing that after my exams are over):

  • Making a bag (and getting it monogrammed with “Mrs *surname*”). I’m thinking this pattern
  • Pencil case to match the bag (also monogrammed)
  • Antibacterial wipes (because kids really are gross)
  • Big thing of hand sanitiser (see previous – and the soap at school always seemed to be empty)
  • A couple of nice pens, with refills (like Parker pens or something)
  • A travel mug (one of those ones that say “Best Teacher Ever” or similar)

I want to add some of those novelty things (like “a rubber band for when your patience is stretched to the limit”) but I’m not sure what I should do for those.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



6 thoughts on “Need Ideas!

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      • funny, I just read on another blog that apparently in Korea, red ink is used to record a death in the family registry, so it is bad form to write any living person’s name in red ink. It’s also considered to be very unlucky.

        So, maybe there is some truth in red being a negative/angry colour…

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