Curried Sausages

Hubby loves this recipe, it’s one of his absolute favourites! Once again, don’t have a picture because I forgot to take one before packing it all away.

It’s really easy to make a larger batch of, if you are feeding a large number of people or want to freeze a whole heap of food.

Here is the link for the recipe, and here are my changes/things I normally do:

  • We don’t do spicy food in our house (at all. EVER) so I halve the amount of curry powder the recipe specifies. This will not be necessary for most normal people – to give you an idea, I find medium salsa too spicy.
  • I always do this with rice, because it’s really easy to put together for freezing. Cook the rice up, and rather than just dolloping the curried sausages on top, I mix the cooked rice through the sauce before serving. That way, there’s always enough sauce for the rice and vice-versa. Also makes it super easy to portion out for freezing. If you’re doing a double batch, I’d recommend getting a very large pot or bowl and mixing the rice and sausages together in that (saves having to clean curry of the stove top when it overflows the pan you cooked in. Learn from my mistake haha).
  • Any frozen veges go well in this recipe – and if you’re trying to flesh it out without using more sausages, any frozen veges will do. I often get one of those variety bags (with carrot, potato, beans, corn, etc) and mix in a liberal amount.