My To-Do List for the holidays

I have a list of things I’d like to do over the xmas holidays… and seeing as I have an entire 4 months to fill, I’ll be making the most of it (my exams are all over by day 3 of exam block, therefore giving me an extra 3 weeks of holidays). This list is in no particular order – I’ll do things in whatever order I feel like doing them in. Some of these are things that I sort of HAVE to get done, and others are just guilty pleasures that I avoid during semester.

  • Watch seasons 2-4 of Game of Thrones
  • Make this jumper
  • Move house (starting with FINDING a new place)
  • Finish my Chemistry and Maths bridging courses
  • Make my sister’s graduation present (see the post if you have some ideas for me!)
  • Not die from the heat
  • Read the Game of Thrones books
  • Do some productive crafting (mainly xmas presents)
  • Find a new handbag that fits all my “handbag” requirements
  • Read at least 5 other books on my “to read” list
  • Decide what to do with my inherited yarn stash (I’m using some for making xmas presents, but I’m still going to have a lot left)
  • Watch Gilmore Girls (because somehow, I’ve managed to get through 25 years without ever watching a single episode)
  • Finish Dragon Age: Origins
  • Finish Oblivion
  • Find some new games for next year
  • Sort out BootCamp on my Mac (this is directly related to the gaming thing)
  • Sort out and write posts for some of my blog ideas