Outlander obsessions…

I am distinctly annoyed that I will have to wait until APRIL NEXT YEAR to get any more new Outlander episodes.

APRIL. That’s 6 months away!

I hate these split seasons. I hated it when they did it for Dr Who, and I hate it for this. Why can’t they just do a full season run?

Also, because the last of the episodes won’t finish airing until June-ish, I won’t be able to get the soundtrack until then either. GRRRRR.

I have spent this week trying to put together a Spotify playlist that is somewhat Outlander-music-like. With mixed success. I wanted to just do a Pandora station, but it seems the Music Genome Project hasn’t gotten as far as Scottish/Irish traditional instrumental music – it’s only covered the folk & pop aspects (i.e. everything with words. I want INSTRUMENTAL music goddammit!).

However, I did have a bit of fun taking a break from study and watching the episodes while reading Bear McCreary’s analysis and descriptions of aspects of the soundtrack. It’s always interesting to see what the composer is thinking of when they put the music behind the show. That’s the music nerd in me coming out 🙂

Now, I should really get back to studying for my exams.


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