The Next Step

I’m considering how I’m going to proceed with Uni for next year, and there’s a few different options.
Either way, I have 1 unit left to complete for my Psych degree, and I’m going to do that first semester next year. I will also be completing my Chemistry and Maths bridging courses over Christmas.

From there, my other options are:
Option 1
Just do the 1 unit in first semester, then apply to start a Science degree in second semester (at some uni). The downside to this is that I may end up with another degree that is almost useless without further study, and I may not have a lot of job options at the end.
Option 2
Start a Nursing degree first semester next year, at the same time as finishing the 1 leftover unit. First semester would be nuts, but I will be able to get a job at the end, whether or not I manage to get into medicine. I’ll also have several options that would put me in a similar area to where I want to end up – I could go into psychiatric nursing, some other mental health area, or even become a Nurse Practitioner.

I am leaning more towards option 2, because it minimises the amount of time that I’ll be waiting to move on towards my final position. It also means my “fall back” plan is very close to what my initial idea is.
The only issue with Option 2 is that I am facing a very interesting choice. I do not want to return to my current university for another degree. They have not treated me well AT ALL, and the student support people have been useless. (The only person who has been any help at all is the enrolments guy for the School of Health – he’s been great.) BUT, the university I currently attend offers a Graduate Entry nursing degree – so it would only take me 2 years to finish it, instead of 3. No other universities have advertised that they do this.
Further research is needed, but in the long run I don’t think 1 year makes all that much difference. Particularly if it saves my sanity.
Decisions decisions…