I suddenly had this fantastic idea!

I’ve been posting most of my recipes on Sundays, then it occurred to me – Why not post them on Fridays instead, and call it “Foodie Fridays”?

So “Foodie Fridays” is born!

Starting tomorrow, recipes will be posted on Fridays under the tag of Foodie Fridays 🙂

Which does mean the How-Tos will be shifting to a different day – which day that will be, I haven’t decided yet. Also, there will be a slight delay in the start of the How-To series, because I haven’t had time to make anything with pasta so the first post is slightly delayed. Once I’ve had time to make something and take some photos I’ll post it.

This may be a little delayed, as hopefully we’ll be moving in a week or so (if we get the rental that we want). But in the meantime, enjoy Foodie Fridays 🙂

Foodie Fridays


PS. the original image came from here, and I did some playing around on PicMonkey.


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