We got the house!

We got the house we wanted! So we’ll hopefully be doing most of the moving stuff over this weekend, and then I’ll spend the following week sorting out all the cleaning and stuff… And getting rid of all the crap we decide that we dont want to take with us.
Every time we move, we pack up the stuff we want to keep, then see what’s left over and decide what to do with it.
It seems to work fairly well, and we manage to line it up so we have at least 2 weeks of cross-over between rentals so we can do it that way.
This does however mean that Tutorial Tuesdays may be a little patchy – today’s post is queued up and ready to roll, but I may not get time to do one for next week.
It is also highly likely that we will not have a landline internet connection for a couple of weeks, so I may not be able to post much until after that gets connected at the new place.
I might do a “house tour” post once I’ve unpacked and gotten the internet connected again though 🙂


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