So frustrating…

The worst part about getting other people to help you move? When they pack stuff weirdly.
Case in point – I have all the bottoms of my Tupperware containers, but none of the lids, because I kept all the lids in a container together. And Mum put the lids in a different box to the bottoms when she packed them, and I haven’t been able to find that box yet!
Thank you all for your help, but why can’t you put things that go together in the same box!?!?
At the same time, I apologise for being short-tempered while we were doing the move – I honestly can’t help it, the heat makes me feel awful and I can’t think, and everyone wants me to make snap decisions! I really do need just a minute to think it through 😦
Yay for aircon in the new house!


One thought on “So frustrating…

  1. I pack so precisely and methodically and get so annoyed when things are out of place that The Boy just let me do it all when we moved apartments. I kind of liked it better that way! He did all the heavy lifting instead! Ha. Good luck with the move! 🙂

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