The good… And the not so much

Good things that happened today:
1. My piano came over from the old house 🙂 and the jostling from getting moved seems to have freed up some of the sticky keys, because it’s playing better than it was before.
2. Our internet FINALLY got connected
3. AWESOME summer storm!
4. Choc-mint icecream om nom nom

And the not so good:
Because our provider stuffed us around with the connection, I was cutting it fine to get the paperwork for my summer unit in on time. So I rang uni, and suddenly got informed that it all had to be POSTED in, and was due today. Whereas when I spoke to them last week, the person I spoke to said I could email the paperwork. Cue minor meltdown.
I think I’ll just have to suck it up and do 5 units in first semester next year to get it done, because I just want to get this FRICKING degree FINISHED.


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