I Hate Mondays

So the things that happened today that made this a typical Monday:

Firstly, my dryer tied up the towels inside the doona cover

Don’t ask me how it happened, but they’d twisted up INSIDE the doona cover. It took me almost half an hour to untangle them all. And they were still all wet, so I had to put them through the dryer again (doona cover separate this time).

Then, Jacket decided to go roll in the dust patch outside, then “help” me with the folding.

Can you spot him? Guess what, my white shirt was the last thing I put on that pile too.

Finally, while cutting onions for dinner I sliced my thumb. Blood everywhere, I made a terrible mess of a tea towel. And the first aid kit hasn’t been unpacked yet and I don’t have a CLUE where it is – it took me the better part of 15mins to find a bandaid, all while running around with my hand wrapped in a tea towel. Hubby was no help at all :S now the tea towel is soaking in the laundry sink, hopefully the blood comes out (I just happened to pick up the WHITE tea towel, because it was closest). Yay for bleach.

And I still need to make Hubby’s lunch for tomorrow. Hopefully that’s my 3 things (bad luck always comes in 3s) and I can get on with everything!

Slightly more positive note, I went and got my library card sorted out at my local library – and now I have books to read 🙂 2 knitting/crochet books, 2 cook books, and 2 science-y recreational reads 🙂

I still hate Mondays though.



3 thoughts on “I Hate Mondays

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