Planning for the future…

Ok people, I’m going to be doing 5 subjects at uni next semester – at 2 different universities. This is because I have to finish 1 more unit to get my psych degree, and I’ll be starting my new degree at the same time. At different universities. I’m a sucker for punishment, I really am. The real kicker is that while I’ll be doing my new degree at a uni that is very close to my house, the one that my single leftover unit is at is on the opposite side of town. We’re talking 90+ mins on public transport each way. UGH.

I have therefore decided that the only posts that will be guaranteed will be Tutorial Tuesdays and Foodie Fridays. Everything else will be a bonus if I have the time to write. I do however predict a LOT of short posts whinging about how stressed and annoyed I am with uni work and life in general… I hope you won’t all hate me too much for that!



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