Sorry for the absence

Hi all!

Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’m going to be getting back to everything once I’m actually spending more time on my computer again – I seem to just forget about posting when I’m not always on my computer. I’ve literally been going 3-4 days at a time without even turning it on! And then when I do turn it on, I don’t really seem to have anything interesting to write about.

Just about the most exciting thing that happened in the last few weeks was that I got a new vacuum for Christmas! You know you’ve achieved “Adult Status” when a new vacuum cleaner is the height of Christmas excitement lol… However, it is quite a fancy one – I haven’t used it yet, because I’m not home yet, but I can’t wait to try it out! Our old one did the job for the cat hair for the last 6 years, but the spinning head broke about 12months ago, and since then it just hasn’t been up to the job of getting the fur off the carpet. SO I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THE NEW VACUUM!!!!!

I’m also getting a new bike, because I’m intending to ride to uni instead of driving or getting public transport most days. I’ve got to sort that out once I get back from house/pet-sitting though, because I want to check out the seats before I choose – the last bike I had (a cheap-as-chips one from K-Mart) had the most uncomfortable seat in the universe, and I ended up not using the bike because it was too unpleasant to ride. I’m going to be getting one of those vintage-style bikes with the seats that are pretty much a tractor seat though, so either way it’s going to be 1000 times more comfortable than that old bike.

My sister B got me a textbook reading stand (which will also do double-duty as a recipe book stand in the kitchen) and Mum got me a pretty silver bracelet for my fitbit (rather than the plain rubber/silicon ones that they normally come with). Both of those are still waiting on slow eBay postage though, so they should arrive soon 🙂

I’m going to be finished with house/pet-sitting in a week, and then I’ll be able to start sorting myself out for the new year and getting used to a routine ready for the start of semester. Hopefully, if I’m set in a routine already it will be easier to stay on top of everything once I start back studying. I find out where I’ve gotten in around mid-January.



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