Life Happens…

I got home from house-sitting to an absolute DISASTER ZONE.

When Hubby said that the house had turned into a “typical bachelor pad”, I thought he was making a joke, and that I’d just need to run a vacuum over the place and re-order some stuff – NOPE.

I can’t see the dining room table under the STUFF, I there was at least a week worth of dishes on the sink (I fixed that yesterday), the floor desperately needed vacuuming and mopping, and the veges that were in the fridge before I left were STILL THERE – and I think they’d developed their own society in the crisper! That’s not even mentioning the 3 baskets of questionably clean/dirty washing in the sunroom.

But to make it worse – APPARENTLY, he’d cleaned up “the worst of it” in the morning before I got home. ?!?!?!?!

Because all of this ended with me completely forgetting about the Day 4 post yesterday, I’m going to shift the dates a little for a few days.

Day 7 of the challenge is sort of a “free day”, so I’m going to shift Days 5 & 6 by a day and keep on with the normal timetable starting on the 8th (once I’ve got the house all cleaned up properly).

And just to put the cleaning thing in perspective – mess doesn’t bother me. DIRT bothers me. I don’t really mind if there’s a bit of stuff all over the place (e.g. pile of clean washing on the couch waiting to be sorted/folded; magazines on the coffee table, current specials brochures on the dining table) as long as it’s CLEAN (no dust, no stinky cat litter, no dishes that are cultivating colonies of fuzzy grey stuff). I’m not as tidy as my Mum is, but I’m not a slob. So when I say that I was horrified by what I came home to, I’m not some clean-freak who’s bothered by the washing being out. It was actually SCARY.

Ugh I’d better get on with this cleaning.


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