New Year New Life – Day 11

Today’s Task
Writing Achievable Goals
Make sure that the goals you listed on Day 9 are attainable

Once again, quick goal recap:

  1. Finish at University & get a job in Mental Health/Psychiatric Care
  2. Be debt-free, other than a home loan
  3. Make my marriage a high priority
  4. Improve my overall mental and physical health

Are they attainable?

  1. Finishing Uni – very attainable. I have almost finished one degree, and I can definitely finish another one. Getting a job – attainable, but more long-term. Currently there is a skills shortage in Mental Health, so hopefully there’s still jobs when I’m finished my degree.
  2. Being debt free – attainable, long term. Getting my car loan paid off is attainable in the short term. Home loan is also a long-term but attainable goal.
  3. Making my marriage a high priority – definitely attainable. Possibly won’t be easy for me, I tend to get sucked in to whatever I’m concentrating on and forget about everything else, but I just need to put in a concerted effort.
  4. Improve overall health – attainable, but to what extent is yet to be seen. I’ll definitely be healthier, but how much will be dependent on many things.


The New Year New Life challenges were created by Kirsten on her blog Organized Charm, and I give credit where credit is due. I make no claim to the series, I am merely posting my working for each of the challenges on my blog.

Day 12

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