Random fact about me…

I want SO BADLY to be able to keep a pretty paper planner and USE IT WELL.

But I never buy them because I know that will NEVER happen. I was useless at it in high school, and I was pretty terrible at it when I first started uni too. Then, by the time I went back to studying this time around, fantastic electronic things like iPads had arrived and I got one… And that was the end of paper planners for me.

I still tried to use a paper planner that first year, because I loved how pretty they looked and I felt really productive writing everything in it and colour-coding everything all nicely. But that lasted all of about a month into semester, and from that point on I was just writing in my work hours and not using any of the other “planner” bits.

So, as much as I lament not having a paper planner, I will be realistic – buying one is a waste of money, because I would not use it the way it should be used.

It will not stop me lusting after all those beautiful ones that I see on everyone’s blogs though.



5 thoughts on “Random fact about me…

  1. LOL! I know, right?? In schools they now try to mandate the things, to force all students to use them. It doesn’t work! Some people are simply not planner people. I too have planner envy and as much as I love the idea, it is just never going to happen for me. I also love beautiful journals, fabric bound works of art. The thing is, I can fill one up in a day…with bills and receipts and little notes and half completely novels. What can I say, some people are just hopeless 😉

    • I have a corkboard for all the bills and such (as well as setting an electronic payment reminder), so that corrals all the paper reasonably well.
      Getting students to use a planner is a good thing (I think) but now technology is commonplace in the classroom they should be able to choose what they use (be it paper or tech).

  2. Yeah… same here, the day I got a phone was pretty much the last day I ever used a paper planner. Mostly because paper planners don’t beep to remind you of things. The only other non-digital planning devices I use are post-its and whiteboards.

    • We could seriously be related! I have a cork board that is the “catchall” for bills and my weekly calendar, and I use post-its mainly around my computer and for annotating books 🙂 and the beeping thing is certainly useful, it really helps me keep on track!

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