A good start to the new year…

I have been accepted into the Nursing program that I wanted!

This means that the university campus is only 5km away from our house, so I’ll be riding my bike as often as the weather will allow 🙂

I’ve registered for all my classes, so my timetable is all done, and I’ve got my booklist… and all I can say is thank god my Dad has offered to pay for my books again! $600!!!! – it would have been $700 but I already have the APA 6thEd Publication Manual from my Psych degree.

I had let Dad off the hook about paying for my books this time around, because he’s already paid for 5 years worth of uni books for me and my sister (at the same time), and now that she’s finished uni, I wasn’t sure if he would still pay for mine with the new degree. So I said “You don’t have to pay for my books with this new degree you know, you’ve already paid for all the ones with my last degree”. But he said to me yesterday when I rang to tell him that I got in “just let me know when your booklist is out”. RELIEF. MASSIVE RELIEF.

I’m applying for government assistance as a student – there’s every possibility that I won’t get much from week-to-week (because of Hubby’s income) but I will be eligible for the bonuses they pay at the start of each semester to assist with initial semester costs.



6 thoughts on “A good start to the new year…

  1. I’m planning to go to college for nursing too! Congratulations!!! I wish you the best of luck and I believe you will be a wonderful nurse. I’m in a web design class that requires me to get followers on my blog. May you please follow me and comment on my post so that I can receive a good grade. Please & thank you. 🙂

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