Decisions decisions…

So I need 4 textbooks for this semester.

2 of them are books that have just had new editions released, and the other 2 are editions from a few years ago that are still being used.

I’ve emailed a couple of people about getting the 2 “old editions” books secondhand, but now I have a dilemma…

Do I buy the 2 that are new editions now, or do I wait until I’ve finalised the secondhand transactions? Because what if the 2 secondhand ones fall through and I have to get the books new anyway? Or what if I wait until I can get the secondhand editions, and then it’s Week 2 before my other books arrive?

Aaaaaargh. It’s free shipping at the moment, but I don’t know if that is a permanent thing or whether it stops at a certain point.

Double aaaaaaargh.


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