New Year New Life – Day 22


Today’s Task
Designate a Weekly Goal
Break down your monthly goals into weekly goals

I won’t bore you by posting ALL my weekly goals here – once again, that would be a HUGE post.

But an example:

Monthly Goal: Organisation & Management – Form a habit of planning my day and including only the items I can complete that day
Weekly Goals:
Week 1: Plan my day every morning – completion of all tasks not mandatory
Week 2: Complete minimum of 1/3 of task list each day
Week 3: Complete at least 2/3 of task list
Week 4: Complete whole list every day

Simplistic example, but it works.


The New Year New Life challenges were created by Kirsten on her blog Organized Charm, and I give credit where credit is due. I make no claim to the series, I am merely posting my working for each of the challenges on my blog.


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