New lunchbox!

I ordered my new lunchbox last night!

I have been um-ing and ah-ing over getting it for the last 3 months, because Hubby’s new job meant that a few things changed in our routine – namely that Hubby is now taking lunch to work because he actually gets a lunch break. So he’s been using my lunchbox, which is totally fine (because I’m on holidays so I wasn’t using it), but it meant that I would have to buy another, so we would both be able to take packed lunches to uni/work.

After much thought and discussion, Hubby said he was happy with the one he’s using (it’s big enough to fit 2 sandwiches or wraps into, along with a few sweet treats), and that I should look at a new lunchbox.

After also tossing up between the two different sizes of the same style of bento box/lunchbox that I liked on Amazon (for pretty much the past month), I ordered this one (the larger of the 2 options). Isn’t it just the cutest?


I liked it for several reasons

  1. because CAT
  2. it has 2 separate compartments as well as a bowl on top – I really wanted one that had a bowl incorporated into the design, because I like to have instant soup or miso soup as a “snack” (particularly good for when you’re in a freezing lecture theatre for 4 hrs straight)
  3. the larger size means that I can pack a little more food on long uni days, and less on days where I’m only there for a couple of hours
  4. it’s a good size and shape to fit in my handbag along with my thermos.

Due to now being in a position again where it will actually be worthwhile for me to make proper lunches again, some of the recipes I share on the Foodie Fridays posts will probably tend a little more towards the Japanese bento genre – I got most of my recipes off JustBento, and I can’t wait until I sell some of my old textbooks so I can buy her recipe book!
I used to make bentos all the time for my lunch, but I just got lazy in the second half of last year and I’m really looking forward to doing them again 🙂

I am SOOOO ready for the new semester to start already, I just want to get on with everything! I can’t believe it’s a whole month to go before Uni starts back, I’m honestly getting bored – I’ve read the first chapter of all my new textbooks already. I’m not sure whether that means I’m a nerd or a bookworm…

Bring on the new year! It doesn’t really feel like it’s started until I’m back at uni :S



8 thoughts on “New lunchbox!

  1. That is the cutest lunchbox! 🙂 Now I wish I still went to work/uni so I could buy one too :p As a stay at home mom I don’t think it’s a justifiable investment for me right now :p

  2. That bento box is adorable!!! And the JustBento recipe books is amAZING~~! I got mine two years ago, it’s been well loved since then!!!! 🙂 definitely a good product!

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