Weekly Schedule pages

Weekly Schedule pages

I have been looking for some weekly schedule pages to use for outlining my schedule every week, and for the life of me I haven’t been able to find ones that I like!

I was looking for something with just a simple time schedule for each day, with a pretty background… and NOPE couldn’t find what I wanted. So I made my own! And now I’m going to share them with you guys 🙂

Chevron pattern

Spots pattern

Owls pattern

Bees pattern

I’m using these to stick on the pinboard that is now living above our “crap collection point” at the end of the kitchen bench, so that Hubby knows when I’m at uni from week to week (some of my lectures, tutorials, and lab classes for next year aren’t the same every week).

Hope other people find these schedule pages useful too!

*EDIT* 5/2/15 – I wrote this post originally near the start of January (but queued it up for after the New Year New Life series finished), and after using the schedule/planners that are shown in the image, I realised a couple of things – I really needed a thing where I could write what we were doing for tea that night, and also that I didn’t really like one of the original patterns. The links are now for the new, updated planners with the new patterns. The background images come from: Bees, Owls, Spots, Chevrons.




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