Really Basic Bento

This is my “ugh can’t be bothered” bento.IMG_2287

It could also be called my “oops I forgot to prep” bento, or “oh god is that the time? I’d better make something to eat” bento (I suddenly realised it was 2pm and I hadn’t eaten lunch, so this is what I made).

It uses things I always have in my fridge/pantry, and the longest part of the process is cooking the rice.


  • 1/2 carrot
  • 3 florets broccoli
  • 3 florets cauliflower
  • 1-egg tamagoyaki – I usually add slightly less than 1/2tsp sugar, because I like it a little less sweet
  • 1 cup rice with some homemade furikake

Total calories: approximately 400

Usually, I would also include about 150cal of something meaty (usually chicken) but I didn’t have anything left that was ready to go. I’d made a huge batch of Torihamu last week, but the little bit that was left didn’t smell right (even Jacket wouldn’t touch it, and he’s usually begging me to share) so I chucked it out. Everything else was still frozen solid.

Also, I’m a little out of practice with making the tamagoyaki – idiot me forgot to oil the pan first, so it’s a less-than-attractive version. Still tasted just as good though 🙂

There would also usually be some sort of brothy soup in the bowl (miso, chicken, tomato, etc) but I only have miso at the moment and I don’t feel like that today. I’ll have a cup of tea instead.



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