Baking discoveries

I have just discovered that baking soda (as Americans call it) is actually the same as what we call bicarb soda.
HOLY CRAP, this must be why my biscuits were going weird – for some reason, none of my google searches turned up this answer until today. Pretty much all I was able to get was “if you don’t have baking soda, use double the amount of baking powder”, which is what I’ve been doing, with less than stellar results.
Seriously, why do things have to be called different names in different places? It can be soooo confusing!
A funny story is when my family moved from Adelaide to Brisbane when I was 5. One of the kids at school said to me “It’s swimming tomorrow, don’t forget your togs!” And I was all like “OK”, then I got home to Mum and burst into tears because I didn’t have togs… Well I did, but as far a 5 year old me knew, they were called BATHERS.
I have since discoverd that there are at least 4 different words for bathers in use across Australia, nevermind the ones from OS :S
Either way, from now on my biscuits will hopefully turn out a little better.