Bacon is not Bacon everywhere

Apparently, my assumption that bacon was bacon everywhere was WRONG. (See comments on this post)

So I need to make a few qualifications about what I’m talking about when I refer to “bacon” in a recipe on here.

I live in Australia. That apparently makes a hell of a lot of difference, as UK/Aus/Canada commonly use the same cut, where as America uses a different cut.

This is what my bacon looks like:

This is what American bacon looks like:

Apparently, my understanding of “bacon” is called “Canadian Bacon” in the US. And in Aus, we call the American cut of bacon “streaky bacon”.

So when I say “1 rasher of bacon” in a recipe, I mean 1 slice of my understanding of bacon. If you choose to use American bacon I am not going to stop you, but it will mean that your dish will have a much higher fat content than my recipe intended.

I will not argue with you if you want to say that streaky bacon tastes better. Plenty of people think so. I just have a serious problem with the texture of the fat (on all meat – not just bacon fat) so I always use the leaner cuts.

Also, for a quick reference, my experience is that 300g of bacon is usually 8-9 slices of my bacon. That may help with conversions to different types of bacon (as the streaky bacon rashers look like they are significantly smaller and lighter per slice than mine is).

Hopefully that clears up any issues!


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