Oh amusement…

I love proof-reading assignments for ESL students – as well as helping someone, you also usually get a good laugh out of the phrasings 🙂

You know exactly what they’re trying to say, but it’s just phrased all wrong and therefore means something entirely different!

Case in point:

“In recent years, more and more rapid development of acid rain, from Elmhurst College of Charleston, said…”

Clearly, this is supposed to be saying that someone from Elmhurst has said something about the increase in acid rain. However, the phrasing is totally NOT saying that at the moment.

I’d better finish reading this essay so I can send it back though 🙂

I do wish that you could change the colour of the mark-up boxes on Microsoft word though – I’d like to be able to have different colours for different types of errors (like blue for spelling, green for grammar, red for referencing, yellow for general edits).



4 thoughts on “Oh amusement…

  1. First time reader here. Esl teacher? I believe you can change the colour of the boxes on MS Word or atleast highlight with various colours and create your own code! (I wrote this message carefully- hopefully my grammar etc is correct! )

    • Not an ESL teacher, I’m studying to be a nurse actually! I just volunteer to do proofreading at uni for ESL students 🙂
      If it can be done, I’ll just have to poke around until I work it out 🙂
      Your grammar is very good 🙂

    • I don’t use the ‘notmal’ highlighting – I use the “Markup” functionality because it lets you add comments to the highlighting. It’s what the uni prefers us to use as well. I’ll just keep poking around and see what I can work out.

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