Chicken nugget bento


What do we have this time?

  • carrot, cauliflower and broccoli – steamed
  • 1 cup rice with some seaweed furikake
  • lemon chicken nuggets (homemade) – recipe from

Total calories: 480

This was actually my dinner today, because I was being a bit lazy with the dishes and I didn’t have any cooking utensils clean to make this at lunch time (I ended up having soup from the freezer – taco soup om nom nom).

Generally, my bentos are pretty boring because it’s just easier for me to deal with in the morning. To keep from giving you guys monotonous posts I’ll only post something if I’ve made something new 🙂

And for anyone who’s curious, this is what my bento box looks like when I put it all together (minus the soup bowl) – the little domed top sits inside the bowl when you put it all together properly.




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